How to learn a language (6)

Учете француски јазик со француски волонтери во Прилеп


Француските волонтери од Младинскиот Информативен и Советодавен Центар ИНФО СЕГА Ве покануваат да се придружите на нивната Фејсбук страница: French Lessons Info Sega ( )

Language Caffee

Language coffee е интересен интеркултурен настан кој ни овозможува размена со разлучни луѓе од разни култури кои што се заинтересирани да научат за странски култури и јазици.

Tips to improve your English with series

TV shows… a great way to waste your life? Maybe, but also the most effective way to learn English (at least for me)!

I spent so many time watching episodes of TV shows, and I soon realised that this was a gold mine when it comes to English, and when I understood the potential of TV shows I decided to select carefully the series I would follow.


Tips to improve your English with movie

The time has come to talk about movies, probably the most famous way for people to learn English.

It is true, movies are an amazing media when it comes to learning English, it is a very effective one, and there are so many movies that you can spend as much time as you want watching them.

Tips to improve your English with music

Today, I am focusing on learning English through music.

If you listen to English speaking music without any tactic, you might be disappointed by the results.

But in fact, music is probably the best way to memorise at a long time scale new vocabulary, and it is not that painful, because listening to the same music over and over is easier than watching a movie again and again.

Tips to improve your English


How do you improve your English ?

You take English lessons, you read books in English, you listen to English music, you watch movies in their original versions.